Trust and Follow Immortal "Fever"

Import Russia

HWT, Agility

Ur./born 07.09.2016

black & white, smooth coated


HD-A, ED 0/0, OCD free

IGS DNA Carrier

PLL DNA Normal

CEA DNA Normal

TNS DNA Normal

NCL DNA Normal 

DM DNA Normal

CLCN1 DNA Normal

MDR1 DNA Normal

SN DNA Normal

Cystinuria type II DNA Normal

Hiplaxity 1, 2 - N/N

carries red gene

clinical eye tests EESVO clear

waga / weight: 18 kg

wysokość / hight:


Hodowca/Breeder: Evgeniya Ostapchuk

Owner: Miriam Golebiewska

Fever lives and trains with Kaja Grabowska in Gdynia


Fever is a very special boy. He is a very thinking dog, in his work very precise and not getting carried away by emotions. He has a great connection with handler. Very good on/off. 

Nice to people and dogs. No problems with him :) he is a very good natured. 




Blacksheep Joe (imp. Italy)
HDA ED0, DNA CEA normal
Agility 3
Meg the Blacksheep (imp. Italy)
HDA ED0, DNA CEA normal
Agility 3, Frisbee, Obidence