Never Never Land M'Yama No Arashi (ISDS 351050)


HWT (Herding working test)

ur./born 03.09.2015

chocolate & white, smooth coated

Health results:

HD-A, ED 0/0, OCD free

CEA DNA Normal

TNS DNA Normal

IGS DNA Normal

MDR1 DNA Normal

NCL DNA Normal

MH DNA Normal

RS DNA Normal

GG DNA Normal

clinical eye tests EESVO clear

waga / weight: 17 kg

wysokość / hight: 53 cm


Hodowca/Breeder: Ewa Łukasik

co-owned: Miriam Golebiewska / Ewa Łukasik

Gryffin is a full brother to Bull (the father of our T-litter). He has a great personality, very friendly to people and dogs, always ready for all kinds of jobs. well "ready" does not describe him well. He is always giving 110% of himself to every task. He is like a bullet. Super fast, happy and eager.