Scalpsie Karl ISDS 349249

ur./born 01.12.2016

black & white, smooth coated

Import: Scotland


FCI HWT (Herding Working Test)

Herding, Agility

Health results:

HD-A, ED-O/0, OCD free

IGS DNA Normal

PLL DNA Normal

CEA DNA Normal

TNS DNA Carrier

NCL DNA Normal 

DM DNA Normal

CLCN1 DNA Normal

MDR1 DNA Normal

SN DNA Normal

GG DNA Normal 

clinical eye tests EESVO clear

carries red gene

waga / weight: 16 kg

wysokość / hight: 52 cm


Hodowca/Breeder: Lisa Gast

Owner: Miriam Golebiewska 


Karl is an amazing dog. Wonderful personality, easy going nature. Kind to everyone - people and dogs. Very realible working dog, he works with sheep, goats and chickens. Very stylish and handler sensitive. Karl is very playful and social. He does very well in every environment. Very stable. He has an outstanding pedigree. 

His sire is Ross Games Roy ISDS 309624 is quite a famous dog as a trial dog and as a proven breeding sire.

His dam is Tanhill Jo ISDS 329741. A very stylish bitch, full sister to Kevin Evans Tanhill Glen and Nigel Watkins Alex

Karl pedigree.jpeg

Karl went on a photo session for Vouge Magazine. First time in a big city, totally ok with traveling by train, escalators, elevators and taxis. 



Ross Games Roy ISDS 309624

Tanhill Glen ISDS 321193 - full brother to Tanhill Jo. Glen is an amazing dog and and amazing breeder. He and his brothers and sisters gave a lot of highest quality progeny. Outstanding dogs in work and trails as well as sports. 

Here are just some of Glen's progeny:

Derwen Doug 

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Darleyfalls Born With Style

Darleyfalls Secret Dancer

Darleyfalls Fun Style At Devongem

Darleyfalls Top Style At Devongem

Nino Jpot At Gingerbell (ISDS 341952)

Aim High Sweet Energy owned by Tereza Pospěchová Králová

Devongem Step Up (Foka) owned by Monika Rylska

And my own:

Scalpsie Karl

Sclpsie Hayley

Derwen Freya

Nyx of Cepagatti