Jpot Nyx ISDS 368158

FCI Kennel Name Nyx of Cepagatti

born 22.02.2018

black & white, medium coated

Import: Italy

health tests: 

HD-A, ED 0/0, OCD free

CEA DNA Normal

TNS DNA Normal

IGS DNA Normal

NCL DNA Normal

Hiplaxity 1, 2 - N/N

HUU DNA Normal

DM DNA Normal

MH DNA Normal

MDR1 DNA Carrier

PLL DNA Normal

SN DNA Normal

GG DNA Normal

Cystinuria type II DNA Normal

waga / weight: kg

wysokość / hight: cm

Hodowca/Breeder: Federica Bortolotti

Owner: Miriam Golebiewska 

Nyx is a wonderful bitch. She is very stylish in her work. Plenty of push and good sheep sense.  In sports very active, great natural jumping abilities and great drive for play. Hard worker, never gives up. Fun and easy going in everyday life. She loves adults and children, easy with dogs. Loves to play. I really cannot think of a flaw in her :) 


Rob ISDS  341949 is a son of Tanhill Glen and full brother to  Nino Jpot At Gingerbell



Tarn at Jpot ISDS 333097 is a daugther of Aled Owen's Cap.