Misty Highland Sugi

d.o.b. 29.04.2017

black&white, smooth coated

health tests: 

HD-A, ED 0/0, OCD free

CEA DNA Normal

TNS DNA Normal

IGS DNA Normal

NCL DNA Normal

Hiplaxity 1, 2 - N/N

HUU DNA Normal

DM DNA Normal

MH DNA Normal

MDR1 DNA Normal

PLL DNA Normal

SN DNA Normal

Cystinuria type II DNA Normal

clinical eye tests EESVO clear

waga / weight: 14 kg

wysokość / hight: 51 cm


Hodowca/Breeder: Miriam Gołębiewska

Właścicel/Owner: Miriam Gołębiewska



Sugi is an extraordinary girl. She was born to be mine. From the earliest days she could walk she followed me everywhere. Very talented, like her mother Tessa she is great at work and agility. She has loads of will to please and stamina. It is very easy to work with her. 

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Sugi's parents: Tessa and Jim 

Sugi is a daughter of our Tessa, who is a very talented dog and breeds very well. Tessa gave some outstanding dogs in previous litters. 

Sugi's brother Lemur:

Sugi's brother ZIp (obedience 3):

Sugi's brother Skywalker (unfortunately died in a car accident)

Sugi's Father Jim competes in Agility 3 and Obedience 3

Sugi's grandfather Eiri Greme Ray A3, he sired many great agility dogs

Dogs related to Sugi:

Explosive Essay  owned by Tereza Pospěchová Králová.

Agility World Champion 2017, European Open Champion 2016 & 2018, BCC Winner 2016, 2018, 2019