Misty Highland Tessa

(ISDS ROM 350740)


ur./born 18.12.2013

black&white, smooth coat

Health tests:

HD-A, ED 0/0

CEA DNA Normal

TNS DNA Normal

IGS DNA Normal

DM DNA Normal

DH DNA Normal

GG DNA Normal

NCL5 DNA Normal

SN DNA Normal


MDR1 DNA Normal

Cystinuria Tyoe II DNA Normal

Myotonia Congenita DNA Normal

clinical eye tests EESVO clear

waga / weight: 15 kg

wysokość / hight: 53 cm


Hodowca/Breeder: Miriam Gołębiewska

Właścicel/Owner: Miriam Gołębiewska

Tessa is Twala's dauther from litter T. She very much resembles her father Bull. She is an outstanding bitch, really great to work with. Tessa (and all her littermates) has a real agility talent (there is no other word for it) and to my great pleasure she passes this abilities to her progeny. She is a good sheepdog. She works sheep and goats and chickens. In 2016 she passed ISDS test. 

Tessa is not afraid of sounds or anything in her surroundings. She behaves a lot like a puppy, funny and very playful. She is a one family dogs as she don.t work/train with strangers. She is not shy but she ignores strange people who want something from her. 

Więce na tematu miotu T - TU

More about T Litter - HERE

Mioty Tessy / Tessa's litters:

Litter E

Litter S

Litter R

 some of Tessa's progeny:

'Misty Highland Sirocco "Lemur":

'Misty Highland Raisa

Misty Highland Smaug"ZIp"(obedience 3):

'Misty Highland Elf "Masai" A3

Misty Highland Skywalker (unfortunately died in a car accident)

'Misty Highland El Sol

 Dogs related to Tessa:

on the side of Tessa's father:

Explosive Essay owned by Tereza Pospěchová Králová.

Agility World Champion 2017, European Open Champion 2016 & 2018, BCC Winner 2016, 2018, 2019